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Friday, July 06, 2012

A Few Minutes From Our Front Window - Looking East at the University of London

Looking East on Torrington Place - University of London. We are at 52 degrees north latitude - and at 5 PM the sun is in the northwestern sky - shadows  go southeast. This is the view as I type.

We are in London for 5 weeks. The first 3 weeks - Lulu teaches her normal FSU Study Centre course. The last 2 weeks - she is free to enjoy the Olympics with her family. This is our 5th summer here.

Due to a mistake on my part - we did not book our large apartment at 12 Bedford Place for the whole 5 weeks. I was so happy to get that large apartment for the 4th and 5th week - I forgot to book it for weeks 1 - 2- 3.

Our apartment at 1 Byng Place is the 1st floor - the 3 windows on the left.  The video was taken from the 3rd window looking east.

FSU gives Lulu a free efficiency apartment while we teaches. For extra cash - they give us a 6 room - 2 bath - Victorian Town House. With that place - we have plenty of room to invite friends and family. 

When I found out we were booked for an efficiency - 1 Byng Place - I was worried we would not like it. We were spoiled by the big place with 10 foot high ceilings. They say the 3 most important thing about real estate are location - location - location. Our present apartment has that in spades.

We are on the first floor of a large single-standing apartment building. It was just opened in June after being completely gutted. Everything is new - bathrooms - kitchens - electrical - plumbing - furniture - fixtures - dishes - and electronic locks. The build faces east - looking across the University of London campus. UL has been ranked 17th of all the colleges in the world. It occupies several city blocks. It is a physically and culturally beautiful place. It is our luck that this apartment has 3 giant windows facing the morning sun and thousands of students hurrying off to class. 

With gasoline over $8.00 a gallon (1.5 pounds a litre) - bicycles - scooters - buses - trains -  and diesel cabs are a way of life. Students do not seem to be as heavy as American students because they walk a lot more than we do.

It is our 5th day here - and already 1 Byng Place has me smitten. Some of you will say that I like it because FSU pays the entire bill. I assure you we are looking forward to the 4th and 5th week when all of my family is coming over for the Olympics and we will be back in 12 Bedford Place. Dan and Ann Novey - Jean and Marylou - Margie and Susanne - Jack - Robin - Drew - Keith - Liz will vouch for 12A Bedford Place. Byng Place and the University of London is a nice change. Did I tell you it costs less?  :-)

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