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Friday, July 06, 2012

Chariots of Fire - The Play - Not The Movie

In the 1924 Olympics - the Brits dominated the short races. The play is about a Jew and a Gentile - and not racing on the Sabbath.

I just got back from walking to the Gielgud Theatre and back. Lulu gives me some brief instructions before she leaves every day. If I am a good boy - I get half of them done.

I went to the box office to pick up two very nice tickets to see "Chariots of Fire." I loved the movie - so I am guessing I am going to like the play. Especially since we are sitting inside the track. Yes - there was plenty of running in the movie that came out in 1981 that featured the 1924 Olympics. During that Olympics Johnny Weissmuller - Tarzan - won 3 gold
 medals in swimming. The Olympics cost 10,000,000 francs to stage and only took in 5,000,000 francs.

Tonight our seats are inside the race track. The actors will run around us! I got tickets in the 4th row for 26 pounds each - about $80 total. I walked up to the ticket office at 1 PM for a play that is 7 PM that night - tonight.

One time I took Lulu to the Dover 500 in Delaware (1975). We had free press passes for the infield - inside the track. But at that race - you walked into the infield on the track. While the race was going you were stuck in there. The race was long - about 5 hours - and all 3 of us got sick - Lulu - my Dad - and me. I am sure it was carbon monoxide poisoning.

Tonight - I hope there is a way out of the "infield" to the bathroom.

We are going to see "Chariots of Fire" tonight - definitely a Brit play.

The Gielgud Theatre on Shaftsbury Avenue - named after Sir John Gielgud.

Tickets were 26 pounds - about $40 each.

We are sitting inside the track (the black ring) - seats D17 and D18.

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