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Monday, July 02, 2012

10 AM - Made it safely into our apartment in London

We had an uneventful trip to London. We are in our apartment 4G - at 1 Byng Place for the first 3 weeks.

At Atlanta - Lulu got called to the desk at the last minute and they gave her a first class seat. She had a full flat bed to herself.

I sat in the back with some aromatic Arab. We had two good meals - Lulu got Champagne. The plane was full. I was flying free on frequent flyer miles.

We flew 8 hours leaving Atlanta around midnight - getting in England at 8 AM your time.

This is the first time we stayed at 1 Byng Place. We have a very nice efficiency - large - all new. Flat screen - fireplace - wood floor - nice bathroom - kitchenette. You can google 1 Byng Place to see our building.

The fit and finish on this place is nicer than 12A Bedford Place - our apartment for the Olympics - but of course that one is much larger.

It is overcast and about 60 with a breeze.

We took the subway from Heathrow the London FSU Study Centre. Our apartment is a few block up the street - sort of on the College of London Campus. We are on the same cross street at our favorite Marlborough Arms Pub.

Our windows look out on a busy bike lane with the University of London as a backdrop.

Some pictures will follow shortly.

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