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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yesterday Tamaqua Pennsylvania Got 6 Inches of Rain

The Schuylkill River looking south in Tamaqua. That brick building is St Pete's School.

The picture was taken by Donnie Serfass. Tamaqua got a 6 inch torrent of rain in a couple hours yesterday causing the Schuylkill River to cover its banks. Tamaqua lies in a steep valley near the source of this river that drains a mountainous region of Pennsylvania about 90 miles north of Philadelphia.

Up until 8 years ago - Lulu and I spent our whole life there.

The Schuylkill starts near Tamaqua plus south through Port Clinton - Hamburg - Reading - Valley Forge - Conshohocken - finally flowing into the Delaware River in South Philadelphia. The Reading Railroad used to follow the river's path to Philly.