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Friday, May 11, 2012

Pragmatist John Dewey Lived In Burlington Vermont

John Dewey
John Dewey (October 20, 1859 – June 1, 1952) was an American philosopherpsychologist andeducational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform. Dewey was an important early developer of the philosophy of pragmatism and one of the founders of functional psychology. He was a major representative of progressive education andliberalism.[2][3]
Although Dewey is known best for his publications concerning education, he also wrote about many other topics, including experience, natureart,logic, inquiry, democracy, and ethics.
In his advocacy of democracy, Dewey considered two fundamental elements—schools and civil society—as being major topics needing attention and reconstruction to encourage experimental intelligence and plurality. Dewey asserted that complete democracy was to be obtained not just by extending voting rights but also by ensuring that there exists a fully formed public opinion, accomplished by effective communication among citizens, experts, and politicians, with the latter being accountable for the policies they adopt. - Wikipedia

 The Vermont Catamounts are a very strong hockey team.

 Maple Syrup and maple sugar candy are major products. I could eat that candy all day.

 This is part of the downtown mall in Burlington.

 The downtown street is covered with hand laid brick.

 John Dewey was born here.

This is John Dewey's birth place.

Lulu is doing a presentation at a library conference at Champlain College - which is right next to the University of Vermont in Burlington. Just down the street is the birthplace of John Dewey - an educational philosopher - and pragmatist.

Burlington is the largest city in Vermont - only about 45,000 people. 1/3 of all Vermonters live in this metropolitan area. Burlington is the smallest "largest city in the state" in the USA. It is right on the shore of Lake Ch-amplain which drain north into Canada and the St Lawrence River. Montreal is only 90 miles away.

Burlington is known mostly for skiing and the home of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream. It is a pretty - very green town - this time of year. It is a lake front community with a ferry that crosses over to Plattsburgh - New York. The main downtown is up on a loft above the lake. The old main street is closed to vehicles and was made into a walking mall. The University of Vermont has a strong influence on its economy.