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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Mimi Picks I'll Have Another at the Derby

I would like you to met our good friend - Mimi. She was one of Lulu's best students. A year ago she earned her doctorate in library science at Florida State. Lulu was her advisor - so I like to call her - Mini-Lulu.

Last summer - she was hired as a professor at the University of Kentucky. This is quite an honor for a newly-minted professor. For this past year - she was busy preparing school librarians for the blue grass state.

Mimi was invited to go to the Kentucky Derby. It is the social event of the year - even bigger than the basketball team winning the national championship this year. So Mimi had to get a fancy dress and hat for the day. I am always amazed that 200,000 people gather together in one place - spend so much money on tickets and "uniforms"- for an event that takes two minutes.

She says that this picking race horses is a new thing to her - but Mimi hit the big time. She put $100 on I'll Have Another - that won the race as a long shot at 15 to 1. 

Do the math - Mimi won $1500 - probably just about enough to cover the cost of ticket - dress - hat - and all the mint juleps that girl can drink  :-)

In just a month - it is on to a new adventure - the University of Alabama stole her away. She took a job at Tuscaloosa - much closer to home and a little warmer - just 200 miles from the beach. Now - if the Crimson Tide wind the football championship - this young lady will have experienced a basketball champion - Kentucky Derby champion - and football championship - all in her rookie year.

Mimi sent these pictures from her iPhone on the big day.