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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lulu is Off to Ireland for a Week

Dr Lulu on the way to Ireland

A little Iris diddy about N---- Spain

I just put my lovely wife Lulu on a plane to Ireland. She will be away a week and I am alone to care for myself. Lulu travels a lot - usually I go with her - but sometimes it is just to hard to keep up.

Some folks ask me how can we manage to travel so much. I assure them - 95% of the time someone else is paying the expenses. They say you aren't an expert unless you are 100 miles from home. If that is the case - Lulu  is a super expert.

In the last two years she has been to 35 states - Germany - France - England - Brazil - Australia - New Zealand - Hawaii (I know it is a state) - Canada - Portugal - Italy - and even Tamaqua. In the case of Germany and Brazil - she was a guest of the state - they paid everything. In Australia - and now Ireland - she is presenting at a conference. Sometimes she represents the American Association of School Librarians and they cover her nut.

In July - we all go to London for 5 weeks - where she is employed by FSU. Next - she is setting up a program in Panama for FSU.

She is a certified A-1 gypsy and a true Everhart. Have computer will travel is the card of this woman. This time her whole presentation is on an iPad. The laptop stayed home.

Although whenever I travel with Lulu - all her freight is paid - I have to pay for my plane ticket and food. And with all the frequent flyer miles and bump tickets I get - I go for free often. But sometimes it is just too tiring. On July 1st - I fly to London - and that is a long flight. Spring in Florida is just so beautiful - I chose to stay home this time. I can use the $1200 we would spend on my ticket - doing something else - like buying a truck on Craigslist.

Dr Marcia Mardis - another library science professor at FSU is traveling with Lulu and also presenting at the conference. They will have a great time.