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Friday, May 04, 2012

The Baby Sitters Arrive in Providence RI

For the next 5 days - Lulu and I are watching our grandkids in cloudy Providence RI. Drew and Robin are moving to Richmond this summer. There are going to a wedding at Duke then spending a few days in Richmond searching for a house tomorrow.

We left Tallahassee at 6 AM - flew through  Atlanta - arriving in Providence at 11 AM.  Because Lulu is a gold medallion flyer - we got a free upgrade to first class. It was very nice - but the only problem with that is Lulu did not want to sleep to miss out on the first class perks. We had a nice breakfast - little table clothes - etc. It was too early to enjoy and free drinks. People pay $1000 for these tickets - but I would never do it. The front of the plane gets there just a few feet before the back of the plane. I am reminded of an airline crash a few years ago where only a couple people survived. They were sitting in the last row.

After Drew comes home - we will leave them driving north to Burlington VT. Lulu has a speaking engagement there for her library association. We will fly directly home from Vermont via three flights - THREE chances to get bumped from our flight for free volunteer tickets.

Living in Florida for 9 years - we are really spoiled with the weather. We have just had the most beautiful winter and spring. For the last month we barely used the heat or air conditioning. We have been able to use the windows to keep the house cool. The last week in Tallahassee has been 80's or low 90's - great weather for gardening and yard work. You forget how the Northeast has overcast and foggy skies in the winter and spring.

Lulu has two more close trips coming up - Anaheim  and Ireland. This is before the whole family packs up and goes to London for Lulu's class and the Olympics. By that time Drew and family will already be living in Richmond - before they come to our flat in London.