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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Leah Williams Got Married - One of My Many Favorite Students

Leah Williams was one of my students at Panther Valley - she was in my 7th grade earth and space science classes. Then - her parents moved to Tamaqua - and she attended Tamaqua High School. She will be friends for life because in 9th grade at Tamaqua - she proceeded to tell John Mateyak who the greatest earth and space science teacher was. John and I went to Kutztown together where we both got teaching licenses in - earth and space science.

Leah later went on to study science at the University of Pennsylvania. I do not know much of what Leah does now - but she travels all over the work in her business.

Now she is married. Her Mom - Ginny - taught with me at Panther Valley. Ginny sent me a picture.

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