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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Late Night With the Noles - Last Night they Beat Maryland - 84-70 - in a Game that Tipped Off at 9 PM

Sergeant Bernard James of the Air Force has become a major force under the basket at FSU. Here he is shown having one of his major highlight reel flying dunks. At one time James stole the ball - dribbled right down the lane jamming as he leaped from the foul line. Will the NBA draft a 26 year old rookie? He never dodged the draft before.

Jimmy Valvano once said you have't made it until you are playing the 9PM game at Madison Square Garden.

Last night Lulu and I attended Late Night with the "ready for prime time" Seminoles. The Noles exploded after only having a 2 point lead at halftime. The Terps even had a 7 second lead after the second half tip. Next came a 21-5 run - featuring two quick 3 pointers by Saturday's hero David Dulkys - and the Noles went up by 20.

We seldom leave a game early - but at the 4 minutes to go time out - me with a strep throat and Lulu with a plane to catch at 5:45 AM - left. The Noles had a 20 point lead - Bernard James had several monster jams - and the scrubs played the final 4 minutes.

A very poor crowd showed up with the end zones being stuff by students and the good sideline season ticket holder seats empty. The regular "fans" sat at home and watched the game on TV - their court side seats guarded by the ticket nazis preventing anyone else from sitting in the good seats.

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