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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii

On the western tip of Oahu sits the latest Disney property. It is a large destination resort. It has golf - restaurants - pools - the beach - but not much of anything else. We drove about 30 miles from Waikiki to be here. It provided a very sterile Hawaiian experience - I can't imagine coming here without all the culture and thrills of Honolulu. Rooms start at $400 a night versus our full condo in downtown Waikiki for $100 a night.

It is about one hour until sunset here - you have a nice clear view of the western sky. All the Hawaiian Island have a wet side and a dry side - windward and leeward. This is definitely the dry side - not a cloud in the sky. There is plenty of wind - but it is very dry - a chinook. Parking here is $35 - but if you spend some money here - you get the ticket validated. Guess where we will have supper tonight.

This video and story are sent directly from my phone to my blog - errors and all.

Added later - we could not get an early reservation for dinner at Disney - so we had the desk validate our parking for free - and went to a Japanese restaurant less than a mile away and had supper. I had a prime rib and 4 giant shrimp dinner for $12.

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