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Monday, January 02, 2012

Day 2 - Rose Parade

Last night we toured the parade route. It is about 5 miles from our hotel - on Colorado Boulevard. Pasadena is a pretty with a neat old downtown strip area. People lined the parade route camping and partying. We saw chairs - fire pots - propane heater - more chair - sleeping bags - generators - TV's - and more chairs for miles. We found our bleacher seats at 550 East Colorado Boulevard - 3 rows up. They are raised up to see over the curb viewers.

This morning we are up at 4:30 PST. The parade starts at 8:00. Since we have jet lag it feels like the 7:30 it is back in Tallahassee. It is supposed to get up to 80 during the parade with a mild desert wind from the northeast.

Our motel is old but nice - they have a free breakfast that they started at 4:30 for the parade. We plan to leave here around 6:30 to get to our parking spot and seats.

Back in Tallahassee - our friends Carol and Fred wrote to see we are going to have some record cold and that they will turn on our pool pump to prevent freezing. They will watch the parade and look for us.

Pictures will follow when I get more time. This is Lulu's dream - she is running me ragged. What wonderful way to start out 2012.

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