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Saturday, January 07, 2012

55 Kailuana Place - Kailua - President Obama's Rental House

The house cost $9 million the last time it sold. It rents for $2500 to $3500 a day. It is on a one acre lot - has 5 bathrooms. It is available to the general public. It was purchased by a guy from Houston that bought it just to offer for rent. When he bought it he had no idea that the president would be staying there. He now has it for sale for $13 million.

55 Kailuana Place - We walked up to the end of the sand. President Obama had gone back to the White House. The house is listed for rent - by the day - week - or month.

Yesterday when Lulu and I walked the entire length of Kailua Beach - little did we know we were within a few yards of President Obama's Western White House. Every Christmas he rents the same house. It is not exactly along the water front - but about one house in from the sand. On the photo you can see where we walked to the end of the beach - I could have hit the house with a baseball.

When we were in Washington for Christmas with Keith and Drew on December 23rd - we saw President Obama being picked up by his helicopter to take him to the airport to fly to Hawaii. When we got here on Jan 3th - the president had just headed back to Washington. It seems that every time we arrive - there goes the neighborhood - the president leaves.

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