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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Lovely Wife Was on a Committee To Honor Outstanding School Librarians - Caroline Kennedy was Honoring Speaker

That's Lulu in the middle with Caroline Kennedy to the right. Lulu was on the committee to select and award outstanding school librarians. The President's daughter was the main speaker - she has been very instrumental in raising funds to support school libraries. The event was sponsored by the New York Times in Carnegie Hall.

Lulu spent last week in New York City. She was on a committee to select and present awards to outstanding school librarians for the New York Times. The activities took place at Carnegie Hall. I always thought Lulu would someday play there someday :-)

The committee honored all librarians. Out of 10, three school librarians were chosen.
The event was at the New York Times headquarters.

After the ceremony Lulu met her three cousins - Ruthann - Georgeann - and Kathy. They enjoyed shopping in the Big Apple - some shows - and just acting silly. They spent 3 nights on Broadway together.

Later Liz and Keith visited and they all went to the Duke basketball game at Madison Square Garden.

You may remember these pictures of "Sweet Caroline" better.

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