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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seminoles Beat Maryland 41 - 16

Lulu is in Chicago meeting - so I had to goto the game alone. I always like watching FSU play Maryland because one of my former students lives near the campus - he also got his masters degree at UMD.
Ticket face value is $45. That is not the worst of it. The owners pay $6000 for a special parking spot every year. They have been doing this for 40 years. I forgot my camera or I would have some nicer pictures.

I left the house at about 2:30 for the 3:30 game. I figured to stop by the tailgate party my friends have. when I got there they were already breaking down the food. That is good because I only had 858 calories left on my food budget for the day - and I had 9 hours to get thru.

Next I drove my Vespa scooter over to the stadium. It still amazes me that the cops allow me to go right into the stadium parking where the Golden Chiefs park. I locked up the scooter and went to buy a ticket.

I held one finger up for a 3 minutes - and two very nice ladies offered me a ticket on the 50 yard line for $20. I agreed to $10 - and had no intention of sitting with the ladies. When I got inside and saw how really good the seat was - I sat down. The ladies came by and saw me. they started gabbing an insisted I stay with them. They have those seats for 40 years. I was really on the 50 yard line - Row 41.

Since FSU has lost 3 games - tickets have gone from $600 I paid for 5 together for my family to see the Oklahoma game - to $10 for Maryland. FSU fans are very fickle. Three losses and they want to change the whole coaching staff. My buddies - George and Joel emailed me to say they got two tickets for free.

It was a clear blue sky day - temp in the 60s. I wore Keith's old FSU stadium jacket and was happy I did. When the sun went down - the temp dropped into the 50s. I was really warm and I think that 20 year old jacket looks pretty cool. No one has one like it.

I was in the stadium 30 minutes before kick-off - plenty of time to gab with the regulars around my seat.

The Noles jumped out to an early 17-0 lead. Then it happened - one of the FSU player put a dirty hit on Maryland's fantastic quarterback - knocked him out of the game - it everything else was pretty anti-climatic.

The score ended up 41-23. FSU actually ran the ball pretty well. they have a young stable of running backs led by James Wilder Jr. You may re-call that his Dad was an outstanding NFL player - playing for the local Tampa team. The son is a crowd favorite - just like Dad.

After the game - I quickly got out of the stadium - onto my stead - worked my way thru the cloud - and was home in a flash. The police had reversed Pensacola Avenue - and I had a free shot all the way home.

I got home around 7:30 - and Lulu is still in Atlanta on the way home. She has been listening to the game on the Internet radio in her phone. At 11 o'clock I will pick her up at the airport. She will be tired - but not tired enough to not watch the game on our DVR.

It was a pretty good day - easy ride in and out of the stadium - $10 spent on a seat - avoided buying junk food at the snack bars - enjoyed the fresh air - and a pretty easy victory - that has the Noles at 4-3. In a period of 15 days they have gone from number 5 in the nation to being off the rankings. But a win is a win - it all looks the same with the pollsters rank the teams. This is what it is like living a mile or so form Doak Campbell Stadium and Bobby Bowden Field.

Next week NC State is here - and this time Lulu will be in Minnesota. She said this year was not going to be as busy as last year - sure.

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