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Friday, October 28, 2011

Harry Bought Another Truck

17 inch wheels and V6 engine.

I bought another truck - this is the 4th one in the almost 8 years we are in Florida. Each time I have driven the trucks about 2 years - cleaned them up - and sold them for a small profit. Lulu no longer complains when I bring another truck home. This time she did not even come along to pre-approve it.

The truck was purchased about a month ago. I did not want to introduce it until I had the truck bed tonneau cover painted and installed. It was all part of the deal.

It is a 2001 Ford F150 Sportstruck - whatever that means. It has a 200 HP V6 engine and 4 speed automatic transmission. It has 111,000 miles on its 10 years of existence. It has power windows - power door locks - alarm - AM-FM-CD - tile steering wheel - bucket seats with console. It is supposed to get 22 MPG - we will see.

The trucks looks like new inside and out. It has just been painted. It has new wheels - brakes - tires. The bed liner and bed cover are stock.

My last Ford truck was a V8 with 4 wheel drive. This one is almost 2 feet shorter than that one. It is not a mini-truck - but closer to one than the last one. It has the tow package on it capable of towing 5000 pounds. This will be kept at the garage at 1816 Seminole Drive. It will come in handy when we build the new house.

Lulu drove it and approves. She likes it for yard sales and going for plants for her gardens.

It has a step side bed. Top can be removed for hauling big stuff.

It has 2 wheel drive only. It has the world's largest locking trunk.

It is in excellent shape for 111,000 miles.

The interior has gray cloth seats and a console. There is not big seat - saving about 2 feet of length.

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