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Thursday, September 15, 2011

We Got Tickets! 5 Together on the 50 Yard Line

The red circle marks the spot where "The Griswald Family" will sit "wearing berets."

Drew - Keith - and Liz are flying down to Florida on Friday night for the big clash between Number 5 Florida State and Number 1 Oklahoma. There were plenty of tickets available on Craigslist at very high prices. One fool wanted $1850 for 4 seats in row 1 on the 50 yard line. You would spend the whole game looking at the back of players' helmets.

All 4 of us were working the computers and phones - and Drew found 5 together - owned by a booster that was invited into a club box. Except for the food and smoozing - I can't imagine why anyone would give up there spectacular seats to sit so far away from the field - just to feel important. We will sit in Section 11 Row 24.

They wanted $1000 for 5 seats - Drew worked them down to 60% of that - still highway robbery. Usually we wait until game time to buy cheap seats outside the stadium - but sometimes - rarely - tickets dry up and you are left standing with your fingers up. The kids are traveling so far to see the game - and I did not want that to happen.

One early offer - with much serious discussion - was a guy offered 4 great seats together - in return for using our guest house.

So things are set. We will have a tailgate party at about 5:30 - then watch everyone get cranked up - before the 8 PM kickoff. Booze is not allowed in the stadium - so everyone stays in the parking lot until the last minute. Then - the whole nation will be watching Osceola ride onto the field on Renegade - rear up and plant the spear in the field. By midnight - one of these teams will be out of the race for a National Championship. Last year Oklahoma clobbered FSU in Norman.

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