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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Seminole Football Starts Saturday at 3 PM

This is the view of the stadium from our parking spot in Lot 4. See the statue of Osceola and Renegade.

Since we have guests for this game - Lulu bought tickets ahead of time - she got a super deal.

My cousins - Cam and Janeen - are coming to visit this weekend. They are part of the Schleicher family from Ashfield along the Lizard Creek. They could not have picked a better time to come - opening day at Doak Campbell Stadium.

Usually we take our chances on game day - buying tickets from the crowd. A couple of fingers in the air may earn you tickets for $10 to $20. This time - Lulu wanted 4 tickets together - in the shade - since the temperature at game time is expected to be three digits. On a quick trip to Craigslist - Lulu hit the mother lode. Face value is $45 a ticket - highway robbery - but Lulu landed 4 tickets - on the 40 yard line - in the shade for a total of $100. Not only will we all be sitting together in spectacular seats - but included was a Golden Chief parking spot - Lot 4. To get this parking spot - boosters must give $6000 for the season spot!

We are hoping this is a signal of good luck both for us and the Seminoles. It has been quite a few years since the expectations for the team have been so high. They are picked to beat University of Louisiana - Monroe by 29 points. The Seminoles had the number one recruiting class in the country this year. Last year they won 10 games - this year we have 7 home games.

Our parking spot is right in the center of the prime tailgating area - near the statue of Osceola and Renegade. It should take us less than 5 minutes from our house to our spot. The big games at home this year are Oklahoma and Miami. If the Seminoles keep winning - we expect these tickets to be the last ones we get for $25 each.

Drew and Keith are coming to visit for the Oklahoma game on Sept 17th. That game has been sold out for months - I hope we get lucky.

Golden chiefs pay $6000 to park in these spots. You know I am too tight to pay that much.

Usually we park next to parking Lot 9 - by the old post office. Next year Lot 9 is going to be a shopping mall. We will park in Lot 4 on Saturday.

That silver Audi is in our parking spot. So is my Honda 150 scooter. In two days it will be the center of a beehive of activity. Go Noles!

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