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Saturday, September 10, 2011

FSU Dominates I-AA Charleston Southern University - 62-10

Two tickets on the 45 yard line for $10 each - row 24 - behind the Noles' bench.

I forgot my camera - so Lulu caught the full moon rising in the east with her iPhone.

Lulu took this picture in black and white - with a splash of color on the Seminole logo with her iPhone.

Lulu and I went to the game alone on our new Honda SH150 Scooter. Two things that were good about it - first - it is FSU garnet color - second - it is much more comfortable for the back passenger. We left the house at 5:30 driving west on Gaines Street right into the evening sun.

When we got to the stadium - we noticed a few security changes. They had a fence around my regular parking place up against the stadium brick. Still security waved us all the way through to the stadium. Lulu got off while I found a free place to park. I was able to park behind a car in a numbered space - not blocking his exit. After the game - we got to the scooter - and the guy was gone - but the scooter was fine.

I held up two fingers and a nice older guy came over and said he had two. We wanted to be in the shade and also be on the 50 yard line. When he showed me his tickets in section 33 - row 24 - I quickly offered him $10 each. He was happy to sell them. By the time we walked to the seats - it was kickoff time at 6 :00.

Our seats were on the 45 yard line - just 24 rows up from the field. The sky was clear blue in all directions - sun still up - but not on us.

FSU got the ball and scored in less than two minutes. Then another score in the next 5 minutes. It was men versus the boys. I expect FSU to schedule Kutztown State College next year.

The Noles started to roll to a 62-10 final score. It reminded me a little of the Collosseum in Rome - where the people were cheering for the Lions versus the Christians. E J Manual amassed 300 yards of passing in the first half - but was very erratic - missing his receivers by several yards - lots of overthrown bombs. Maybe they were sandbagging for next week's game against Oklahoma but it was not pretty. Also - there were a lot more penalties in this game than last week.

Three highlights in the second half were QB Clint Trickett - DT Tim Jernigan - and RB James Wilder Jr. Tickett came in with 6 minutes left in the third quarter. He immediately hit 5 passes in a row including his second pass - a touchdown bomb on a rope. This kids has hit his first 6 passes of his career as a redshirt freshman - 2 of his first 3 passes being touchdowns. Yes - he did it agains two Mickey Mouse schools - but heck he did it.

Jernigan may be the most talented kid on the team. He is a massive freshman defensive tackle and was in the CSU backfield almost every play. Rumors were he was going to be redshirted - I guess tonight's play ended that.

In the last quarter - James Wilder Jr single handedly marched the ball the length of the field with about 7 straight carries. You may recall that his dad James Wilder was an all-star running back for Tampa Bay in the NFL. Clint Trickett went the last 5 yards on a quarterback run after all receivers were covered.

Lulu packed a fantastic lunch of fried chicken - and several other goodies. As the full moon rose in the east over the stadium - we finished our last drinks. We did not move from our seats the whole game to buy anything or go to the bathroom. We stayed until the end - as we always do - and only had to walk maybe 60 yards to our scooter. They routed us west out of the stadium - then north - then we went east thru campus - finally coming on Magnolia St south to our home.

The band did an excellent half time show of patriotic songs - America - and The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Charleston Southern's very small band did one number at half too. FSU has two twirlers that were twirling 4 fire batons at one time each.

It all felt like the calm before the storm of next week - when Oklahoma comes to town. They are ranked number 1 in the nation and we are number 5. I sure hope the Noles were sandbagging tonight - because they did not look sharp. Tonight - tickets were cheap - we were great seats for $10 each - without even trying.

Charleston Southern - which is about 10 miles north of Charleston - I am guessing has a very long bus ride home - with a pretty large check in their pocket.

The Noles better forget about this one fast. A mean wind is rolling in from the prairie. The Sooners showed no mercy on the Noles last year in Norman. I hope the aren't caught with their pants down reading their newspaper clippings.

Next week - our sons - Drew and Keith - are coming for the game. Nancy was able to get 2 tickets so far. We will need 5 because Liz - Keith's girlfriend - is coming along too. After getting into so many Seminole games for $5 and $10 - I think we will make up for that next week. Tonight tickets face value was $45 - next week they cost $75 face. People on CL are trying to get $200 and $300 per ticket. I will watch it on TV before I pay that. But Nancy and the kids will be there.

The Noles are now 2-0 - and ranked number 5 in the nation. They look good sometimes - we will see which Noles show up next week.

The FSU Band doing halftime patriotic show. iPhone video.

The number 1 college mascot in the land - Chief Oceola on Renegade. iPhone video.

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