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Saturday, September 03, 2011

FSU Beats Louisiana-Monroe - 34-0 in the Opener. My Cousins Cam and Janeen Enjoyed the Victory With Us

Renegade and Chief Osceola - selected as the number one collage mascot in the country - plants the flaming spear at the 50 yard line. This year Renegade gets up on his/her back legs higher than any I remember.

Our Craigslist tickets included a parking pass right by the statue of Chief Osceola. That is Cam and Janeen with Lulu and me.

Janeen was one of my students at Panther Valley in 7th grade. She now works in Jupiter in the travel industry. Cam is still a practicing nurse.

The Noles won big - 34-0 over Louisiana - Monroe. These pictures were taken from our seats on the 40 yard line. We were lucky to be sitting in the shade because it was hot - but with a breeze.

FSU was sluggish at first - but the defense was strong. The other team did not cross the 50 I think.

Cousins - Cam and Janeen - came up from Jupiter Florida to be with us and see the game. They will be leaving tomorrow morning. Cam lives in the White Bear part of Summit Hill PA. Janeen lives in Jupiter.

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