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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Everhart Family Visits The Cradle of Democracy - The Parthenon In Greece

At sunset - they climbed up to the Acropolis to see the Parthenon.

Jack is a good big brother with Kate.

The Parthenon with Jack and Kate Everhart. It was built in 490BC.
Drew and the kids after the long climb up from downtown Athens.

I am 63 years old - and have longed to see the Parthenon in Athens. but my grandkids saw it today. Robin - Drew - Jack - Kate - Everhart are on an extended trip to Greece and will have a few days in Paris on the way home.

Robin is doing a presentation at a Psychology Conference in Athens. She didn't want to leave the family behind - so here they are.

Drew was able to cut a deal for business class seats using frequent flyer miles. These are the ones that turn into beds.

After the conference - they are visiting a Greek island - then they fly to Paris - spend 4 days there - before flying back to Boston.

We just got done doing a teleconference with them using FaceTime. Drew found a free wifi connection just outside the hotel so he was able to shoot these pictures back to us. It was 5 PM here but Midnight there. They are all jet-lagged.

Can you tell how proud of them I am.

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