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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Buying Tickets For The Big Game - Oklahoma

My FSU player to watch - Tim Jernigan. This defensive tackle may be the best player on the field. Right his name down - in 4 years he will be All-Pro on the Philadelphia Eagles.

It feels a bit like old days - when tickets in Tallahassee on the market sold for over face value. Last weekend we sat on the 50 yard line for $10 each. We had our pick of the litter at game time - outside the stadium.

The week number 5 FSU play number 1 Oklahoma. The game is on national TV - ESPN Game Day is broadcasting from here. It is "this year's game of the century."

Last year Oklahoma pounded FSU in Norman - this year we are hoping for a different ending. I must not be a very good fan - because I am not guaranteeing a victory - not even predicting one. The gambling line is FSU plus 4 points.

Usually - we seldom buy tickets before kickoff time. I can't remember the last time that every seats in Doak Campbell Stadium has been filled. They have announced many times the place was sold out - but the stadium looked half full. I think this Saturday night at 8 PM - the place with be packed and the town rocking.

My sons - and Keith's girlfriend Liz - are flying in for the game. What this means is - since they had to buy plane tickets to get here - we must be sure to get them into the game. Lulu was able to land to excellent seats on the 50 yard line - but there are 5 of us.

We are watching tickets on Craiglist - and have been offered several set of 4 for $150 each. Face value is $75 for this game only. What is really funny is a guy offered me 4 excellent tickets in trade for the use of our guest house. Lulu and I would have done that in a minute - but the guest house is already taken.

Back in Pennsylvania - even when Penn State is having a losing season - they fill Beaver Stadium in Happy Valley every game - 110,000 seats. Even though a majority of the seats are in the end zone - and the stands look like the new "twin towers" - they are that high - people line up to sit there. Single seats demand a premium outside the stadium . Also - it can get VERY cold there. One time Lulu and I took our motor home there for a PSU/Miami game in August - and the temperature dropped into the 40s at night - and we had to turn on the furnace - in AUGUST.

I may end up paying $100 a seat for 4 tickets together - notice I said 4 tickets. If the price of a tickets for me at game time is over $100 - I am hopping on my scooter and going home to watch it on TV - two miles away.

Our tailgate party starts at 5:30 PM - at 8 PM kickoff there will be tons of fans flooding into the stadium during kickoff - already having spent hours of drinking in the parking lot. It will be 80 degrees - at least the sun will be down.

FSU has lots of talent this year - so does Oklahoma - heck they are number 1. I guess this game will be decided by coaching. It is time to start making a new legend - Bobby is out somewhere signing books and talking about his "secret" prostate cancer. I hope the Noles win - but the house titles are safely locked away.

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