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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Suzanne and Marjorie Are Going Home

Cab to airport - Suzanne and Marjorie.

As they leave - Lulu's class was just to the left - getting ready for the Grand Tour of Buckingham Palace and the wedding gown.

Two of Lulu's very good friends from back home are going home. They are sisters and they were touring the UK for 3 weeks. They used our spare bedroom as a base - and they would take trips from here. We would all gab over wine at night - reviewing each other's day. Marjorie has been an airlines hostess with Delta for 40 years. She still serves the Atlanta to South Africa flight weekly. It is so much fun hearing the stories in the life of a stewardess. What do you do when you discover sex on a plane??? We were rolling in the aisles - laughing.

We had six guests this time - Dan and Ann - Keith and Liz - and Susanne and Majorie. I wonder what it is going to be like next year when we have this apartment for 3 weeks of class and 2 weeks of Olympics.

No wonder they needed a cab to the airport - they had 6 very heavy bags.

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