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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Tasykake Bought By A Local Firm

Our local company - Flowers Foods has bought Tastykake. They will still be made in Pennsylvania.

Yesterday - Lulu and I were shopping in Thomasville GA - a town about 25 miles up the road from us. It is the county seat of Thomas County and also home of Charley Ward - FSU Heisman Trophy winner.

At any rate - the big news is that Flowers Foods bought Tastykake. Yes - that Tasykake - the treat of Philly and the Philadelphia Phillies. We were driving by their research and development labs and also visited their company store.

We saw this sign on the door. We asked the secretary about the deal. She said the beautiful corporate office building is about two miles away. She said although Flowers Food bought the company - Tastykake will still be made in Philadelphia. She said the local Flowers Food Store will carry the products here - wahoo!

Lulu's Dad worked for Tastykake as a sales delivery man for 35 years. His day started at 4 AM and ended at 5 PM. He missed two days of work in that time. He had his own truck - and the family would eat the leftovers - that is why I married Lulu.

Flowers Foods have bought up many brands of baked goods - some not so good.

This is research and development in Thomasville GA

This is a typical Flowers Food Store. We have them in Tallahassee.

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