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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Reviewing the Canon SD1300 From our Bed in London

Our apartment is just off Russell Square. It is just behind this fountain. The Beatles did several photoshoot around this fountain in the 60s. This summer Jack enjoyed playing in the water here. This picture was taken with my $40 Canon SD1300.
This is the Canon SD1300 IS camera. It came out in 2010. I got this one on Craigslist for $40. It takes video and still pictures. It is supper small and light. I can keep it in my shorts pocket without it pulling my pants down.

The camera is also called the PowerShot Digital Elph. 12 megapixel pictures - 4 x optical zoom - 2 x digital zoom - image stability - and face recognition focus. It comes in several colors - mine is silver. At $40 - it is like a disposable camera.

It is 3 AM and both of us are wide awake - lying in bed with laptops in hand. We already got groceries and 6 hours of sleep. Back home it is 10 PM.

Right before we left Tallahassee on Tuesday morning - I had to make just one more Craigslist run - before we went to the airport. I bought another camera.

I really like my Canon G7. It is a great camera - but a little bulky. When I put it in my shorts pocket - it tends to pull my pants down. So I wanted to get something a little smaller and lighter - that still took great pictures. They say the best camera you have is the one you have with you.

Like magic - a nice little Canon SD1300 showed up on the list. The guy was asking $140 for the like new camera that listed for $199. This camera was first introduced in 2010 - takes 12 megapixel pictures - has a 4x optical zoom - an a giant 2.7 inch screen on the back.It also has image stabilization to prevent shake blurs. After a little negotiation - I got the price down to $40 - yes $40. The guy did not have all the accessories - stuff I did not need - but he was driving a nice new Honda Accord - so he seemed save enough. He was an FSU student - probably needed some drinking money :-)

This one is so light and small - there is no reason not to have it with you.

The camera takes very nice pictures - and even video - except the video is not HD - just standard 640 x 480. You can zoom with it while taking video if you use the digital zoom. It uses standard SD-RAM cards that can be read with a standard reader.

This video was taken at the Waitrose grocery store about 2 blocks from our flat. It was taken with the Canon SD1300 - standard definition 640 x 480. Not bad video for a $40 camera.

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