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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meet Our Good Friends - Dan and Ann Novey

Dan and Ann Novey are two of our old teacher buddies from back in Tamaqua PA. All of our kids played together and graduated from THS together. Now - we have moved to Florida - and they have moved to North Carolina.

Dan is the Supt of Schools somewhere in North Carolina. Ann retired from teaching in Tamaqua - and can relate to me about the joys of filling up a day - and then not recalling enough to tell people what we did. :-)

They arrived here on Friday - and will spend a week touring town and gabbing with us. They already went up the London Eye - visited Westminster Abbey - Big Ben - Parliament. Tonight they will be seeing Billy Elliot.

Dan had to have a phone over here. For 27 pounds - he was able to buy a phone with a months service including an hour of international calls. It is a Samsung phone and he gets to keep it. Ever here - you do not sign a contract. You just buy a SIMM card and slip it in your phone. You have no long term obligation to ATT or Verizon - like back home. He just called me at the apartment and his phone works fine.

You want to call Dan - call 077 416 23146. Dan's a busy man - carries lots of phones and lots of keys :-)

We were having a pub meal in the photo - food had not arrived yet.

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