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Saturday, July 02, 2011

If You Want It Done Easily - Ask A Lazy Man

I enjoy taking care of the grounds on both of our properties - in the hot humid Tallahassee weather - it sucks the strength right out of me. But - leave it to a lazy man to find a way to sweep the yard without a lot of noise.

Our properties are 1/2 acre and 1.5 acres. Since we have lots of pine trees - they drop a lot of pine needles - pine cones - and twigs. After a strong storm - the yard looks really messy. I used to use the tractor to sweep it - but that is noisy. In the morning - I do not want to wake the neighbors - but it is the best time of day to work here.

My solution was to get a trailer hitch for the golf cart. I thought I would have to rig my own - but the golf cart shop had trailer hitches in stock that fit my Club Car. Everything was predrilled to bolt it on. I put ball hitch couplers on all my trailers and tools. Yesterday - I tried it - it worked effortlessly. Golf carts are geared to have power at the low end. Not only was it a smooth job - but it is so quiet - you can hear every pine cone hit as the brooms sweeps it into the hopper. Another big help - the golf cart can make a 180 degree turn in such a very small area.

Now - if I could just find a lawn mower reel that I could tow - I could cut the grass in silence too. These are the things that go through the mind of a guy retired 8 years.

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