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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Best Way Around London Is The Tube

We live by Hoborn Station. Billy Elliot is by Victoria Station. Parliament is by Westminster Station. Apple Store is by Covent Garden Station. Thames River is by Embankment Station. The Theatre District is by Leceister Square Station.

It is a lot of fun riding the subway in London. It is a fast - clean - inexpensive way to get around town. Simply put - it is a series of electric trains underground. You get down to the trains on an escalator in the stations.

There are several ways to pay for riding on the Tube. First - you get a credit card called the oyster card. You can put money on the card at a machine similar to an ATM. You can pay by the ride - day - week - or month. When you go through the turnstile - you simply swipe your oyster card. An example would be a week costs 27 pounds - which is about $39.

Tonight Lulu - her students and her guests went to the show Billy Elliot. The Hoborn station is close to our apartment. The Victoria Theatre is next to the Victoria Station - so they took the dark blue line to the light blue line - and came back up out of the hole at their theatre.

Tonight - after the show - they will simply re-trace their steps. They could walk home or take a bus or cab - but to me - the subway is the fastest.

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