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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Arsenal 2 - Argentina 2 - The Only Soccer Team With Its Own Tube Station

After the game - fans all over your home.

After the 2-2 tie.

The area is paved with these paid for by fans.

The new stadium is next to the old stadium - same Arsenal neighborhood of old row homes.

The original 100 year old stadium - turned to condos.

These houses have backyards that front the old stadium.

Keith and Liz took us to a soccer game. For the past 10 years - Keith has become a "gooner" following the Gunners of Arsenal.

When you look at the maps of London's subway - you see a stop for Arsenal. Arsenal is a little neighborhood in London where they used to make all the cannon. So when it was time to sponsor a soccer team - a "football" team - they called them the gunners.

For 100 years - they played in this neat stadium surrounded by row homes. People could watch the games from their back windows. About 5 years ago they built a new stadium. You would think they would find a spacious site for the big money business. No - they put it right next to the old one. You would think they would turn the old stadium into a parking lot. No - they put condos there.

The new stadium is spacious - holds maybe 80,000. After the game - it is a zoo of foot traffic. I can't imagine living there with all the rowdy fans - people looking in your windows - peeing in your yards.

This was an exhibition game with a team from Argentina. The fans were mild - but your life could be in danger if you wore a blue shirt when Chelsea came to play.

You may re-call the famous movie "Fever Pitch" was written about the Arsenal Team and their fans. They call the field a pitch. Later - the same movie was written about the baseball playing Boston Red Sox - and they kept the name "Fever Pitch" for the movie.

A player can earn $20 million for playing a 40 game season here - this is not for the weak of heart. Also - you can place bets on the game right at the stadium - legally.


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