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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Watermelon Festival Deep in the Heart of Dixie - Monticello Florida

I love to see the little ones holding Confederate battle flags. If their great grandparents could see them now - they would smile.

Monticello Florida is about 20 miles east of downtown Tallahassee. It is also the center of the watermelon growing area around here. On a normal day in Monticello - it is the quiet sleepy county seat of Jefferson County - but yesterday it was a beehive of activitiy.

Lulu - Melissa - Josh and I spent the day there. First - was the grand parade at 10 AM. After that - it was all the street food and junk vendors one could take on a 93 degree day. Then - about 100 classic and custom cars.

My favorite in the parade has to be the Sons of Confederate Veterans. For the life of me - I can't imagine why one would do so much celebration of a war that they lost. To me it would be similar to a Hiroshima Day in Japan or a D Day celebration in Berlin. Of course - we all know the war was over states' rights - not slavery. But yet - they still parade around handing out battle flags to anyone who will have them.

This is my buddy Josh. To fit in - I am wearing my John Deere tractor hat. We are sitting on that brick box because cool AC air was coming out of it. Josh is a psychologist at FSU.

This camper was 60 years old - a Shasta - and spotless.

My favorite was this 1948 Ford F-1. It has a 302 V8 engine in it. The guy wanted $15,000 for it - it was nice to look at. I was born in 1948.

Inside the 1948 Ford F-1. Unfortunately no air conditioner.

Sons of Confederate Veterans - Florida Division.

Stars and Bars - in Dixieland.

Sons of Confederate Veterans didn't do too well in the marching category.

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