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Friday, June 24, 2011

Super Craigslist Sale - Money From Nothing

Stainless steel sink and Formica counter top

7 cabinets and 4 drawers

12 feet from end to end - gone in 60 minutes. Pictures taken in my workshop.

Money from nothing. A while back my neighbor replaced her kitchen cabinets. I caught her while she was attempting to put the old ones out for trash on Monday. She asked me if I wanted them. I assured her that I did - and hauled the rest of them away for her - before anything was damaged.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. I would spend a few hours cleaning them up - just like cleaning an old car. First - I vacuumed the cobwebs - then I scrubbed them with clorox and water - to remove any old odors. Next I polished the steel sink - and removed any stains from the Formica countertop. Finally - I gave them a good coat of Armorall - an all-purpose coating.

After that I took several pictures and wrote a cool ad for - the free place to buy and sell on the net. In minutes the phone started ringing. The first caller drove 30 miles to buy them - with 7 more callers lined up. This was a hot item with the ladies.

They sold for $230.

Now - the cabinets are in a summer kitchen in Sopchoppy - a town south almost along the Gulf.

Yes - I did split the money with the neighbor - she never expected it - and is looking for a place to spend the extra cash.

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