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Sunday, June 26, 2011

River Traffic From Our Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street in New Orleans

The hotel offers complimentary breakfast and supper buffet in the hospitality suite on top of the hotel. From there you have a panoramic view of the city and river.

At 5 PM on Sunday - this Norwegian Cruise Liner pulled out heading down river to the Gulf. It is 70 miles of zigzagging to the open water. It will probably take them 5 hours. At this point - the ship is heading north - not south.

The ship docks at the pier next to the Huey Long Bridge. In 2003 - we parked our motor home under that bridge and took a one week cruise form here. It makes the U turn into the current. US R
oute 90 crosses the bridge heading west to San Diego.

At breakfast this tanker was heading up river. It is riding high - meaning it is empty. That is Canal St in the foreground. Bourbon St and the French Quarter are to the left. The Convention Center and Garden District are to the right. Note the streetcars.

This street car stops in front of our hotel. They offer a 5 day pass for $20. Streetcars go all around the city. This streetcar rides on a parkway up the middle of the street.

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