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Friday, June 10, 2011

Lulu's Last Day in Berlin - Then They Took the Train to Hamburg

This is what is left of the Berlin Wall.

This is a plug-in Prius - not available in the USA. this car can go 50 miles on electricity before the gas engine kicks in. At night you can plug it into the wall. If you drive less than 50 miles a day - you never have to buy gas. It really makes sense when you pay $8 a gallon in Europe.

This is Lulu at the British Embassy in Berlin.

Lulu looks like Berliner in her black sweater in front of the Bradenburg Gate. That used to be the gate to East Berlin.

This is a Vespa Ape. It is a motor scooter with 3 wheels - like training wheels for grayheads. If I had a Vespa Ape - I would be set for life - especially if it were electric.

Another photo of a Vespa Ape. They are still made in Pontedera ITALY.

This sausage stand only found in Berlin served sausages cut up in a kind of gravy. My kind of lunch.

Lulu and Melissa are done their library visits. They will tour Hamburg all day Saturday - then fly home Sunday - getting to Tallahassee at 11 PM.

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