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Monday, June 13, 2011

Lulu Returns Home From Germany

Last night at 11 PM - Lulu's plane zoomed into Tallahassee. She started in Hamburg - then Amsterdam - then Atlanta - finally Tallahassee. The trip was pretty uneventful - except form one snafu. Usually she is a master at getting comfortable seats in good locations of the plane. This time - she booked two seats - for her and Melissa - with one seat in between. Sometimes those seats remain empty and they can spread out. This time - a relatively unbathed student from Budapest was plopped down between them. They had 9 hours with this poor fellow between them. Sometimes they woke up face to face :-)

They had a great 9 days in Germany - lots of library stuff - and lots of touring - a few "euro style" hotels - boats - trains - - planes - cars - bikes - and walking. They were guest of the state and Goethe Institute. Since they were afraid to eat the German vegetables - they had lots of beer and sausages.

While Lulu was in Germany - I happened to land a neat deal on a golf cart. I always wanted an electric car - and this will have to do for now. It is a 2008 Club Car Precedent. It goes 16 mph for 20 miles on a charge. It has 4 - 12 volt batteries - and you plug it into a 120 volt outlet. It seats 4 but the back seat folds down to make it a pickup truck.

I will use the golf cart for errands - some shopping - going to restaurants - and I even took it to the stadium on back streets. It has good pep for the hills - I can drive down to our lake and back up with 4 people on it. I can use it to manage our properties. The big tires are designed to not crush the lawn. It is quiet - powerful - and costs very little to charge - about 2 cents a mile. No gasoline required. The USA makes 50% of our electricity with coal - how is that for saving the planet :-)

Not to be outdone - Lulu decided a little tit for tat - she sent a picture from Atlanta saying she bought this BMW convertible.

Our next trip is a 7 day driving trip to New Orleans - June 22 - 29. Lulu's tenure as president of AASL will be over then. She will be presenting her Vision Tour Video at the ALA Convention there. She will be very busy - but I will have plenty of time to roam. I wish I had my golf cart there.

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