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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lulu - Beatles - Repperbahn - Hamburg Germany

All of these photos were taken in Hamburg today. The yellow building is the Beatles Museum - tall and skinny.

The Repperbahn is the Hamburg club scene. Check out some of these sex shops.

The Beatles played the Indra Club.

The Indra Club had not yet opened at 10 AM.

Lulu signed the guest book for me.

A 1960 living room in the Beatles Museum.

The White Album.

There she is - the one and only Billie Shears.

Beatles shoes and other junk. The Beatles virtually gave away the rights to Beatle endorse products. The Beatles were not as rich as we all assumed. Their income was taxed at 95%.

More Beatles stuff in the museum.

Brian Epstein - the Beatles manager - was gay. Some writers say he had a fancy for John Lennon.

In the pictures that is Pete Best on the left - and Stuart Sutcliff on the right with sunglasses. Pete was not a real good drummer - but he had drums and his Mom had a place for them to practice.

In one of the books about John Lennon - you read a lot about a girl - Astrid. Some say Stuart Sutcliff left the Beatles for her. She was German.

The Repperbahn - a bit like South Beach - a bit like Bourbon Street - a bit Temple Bar in Dublin.

Beatle Platz in Hamburg.

The Beatles Museum did not open until 10 AM.

It is 11 PM in Germany - Lulu just finished a long day of touring all over Hamburg. The highlight of the day was the Beatles Museum in the Repperbahn. This area is famous for the music scene and sex shops. Lulu and Melissa were there at 10 AM and there were not many women.

Many people do not realize that the Beatles started in Liverpool as a club band - but they went to Hamburg two times under contract. In 1960 - when Lulu was only 6 - the Beatles went to Hamburg to play - but left under shady circumstances - they were deported. At the time - Pete Best was the drummer - and Stuart Sutcliff was the bass player. Later Pete Best was thrown out of the band and Stuart Sutcliff left to study art in Hamburg. Sutcliff died of a brain injury in 1962. Some writers claim it was caused by a blow that John Lennon struck to his head during a fight.

The Beatles returned to Hamburg on another contract and this time they became a hit - playing 8 hours a day at the clubs there. Some say the Beatles started in England but became musicians in Germany. They left England relative unknowns and left Germany in Beatlemania.

Lulu and Melissa visited the Indra Club and the Beatles Museum down the street.

Tomorrow Lulu flies home via Amsterdam - Atlanta - and finally Tallahassee.

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