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Thursday, June 23, 2011

For The Next 8 Days - I Will Be On My Perch Above Canal and Bourbon Streets - "Writing On The City of New Orleans"

This week I will be writing from here - free wifi - overlooking the Mississippi - and enjoying this very different place.

This morning at 4 AM - Lulu and left Tallahassee - and rode "the car they call the City of New Orleans" west for 6 hours. We got here at 10AM - really earlier - we forgot to count the Time Zone change.

We will be staying at the Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street by the River. Lulu will be very busy because this convention is her swan song. Just like Miss America - she will end her one-year reign here - passing the torch to the next president of AASL. After visiting 35 school libraries in 35 different states - this short ride in the Prius was like a walk in the park.

While Lulu works - I get to enjoy this fancy hotel with all the trimmings. It has a pool on the roof- we have an executive suite - and a key to the hospitality room :-) As much as I hate it - the Prius is valet parked - and I have no idea where it is sleeping. The streetcar passes right by our front door - and I think I will buy a weekly pass for it.

I am taking suggestions on what to see and where to eat. Tomorrow is our 40th anniversary - and I would like to impress Lulu. Suggestions please!

On the way over - the sun was rising behind us - painting a beautiful rainbow in front of the car. I do not know where it came from - because it was not raining.

It was 390 miles over form our house. The Prius easily made it on one tank with plenty to spare. The computer said we were getting 46 miles per gallon. We were going 65 to 70 MPH.

After a month of high blue skies and 100 degree sunny days in Tallahassee - it is a bit of a relief to have 85 degrees and overcast - even if it is humid.

This is Canal Street with the palm trees and streetcars up the middle. In the background you see the Mississippi River flowing west to east here. The can see the green roofed casino just down the street. (click the picture to enlarge)

About halfway over is Pensacola - home of the Navy Blue Angels.

Traveling west on I-10 - when the sun rose - we had a rainbow out in front of us. We never did catch it - nor the pot of gold.

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