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Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Morning - Portland MAINE

Portland looks like a real nice city. It is the largest city in Maine (66,000) and has a big harbor that includes a pier for Cruise Liners that make it a port of call all summer. Unfortunately - the entire time that we were there it rained and was foggy and windy. 50 degree temperatures seemed like wishful thinking.

Fortunately we had a great hotel - we love Residence Inns. You get a little apartment - free wireless - free parking - and a fantastic free breakfast. We had a harbor front room that allowed us to watch the boats come and go - when we could see them.

We walked along the docks - with umbrella - until we found Becky's Diner. It was a tip a friend gave us. Lulu had a lobster roll and I had an egg sandwich. Everything else on the menu included the word fish. It got so blustery that we took a cab back to the hotel - the driver told us that the weather was like this all spring - and the next week predicts the same.

We had to get out of town early this morning - because Poland (home of Poland Spring) was an hour away and Lulu had to be there at 8 AM to visit the Poland Community School. Our little apartment felt so comfy and warm that I did not want go outside to get on the road.

I cheated on the picture above - it was a stock photo taken on one of their rare sunny days. My neighbor John - who has a summer home in Maine - said there are a lot of tradeoffs in Maine. To get beautiful lakes and nice people - you have to suffer the rain and black flies - that is why the population is so low.

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