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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Latest Craigslist Purchase - Lulu Wanted a Treadmill

You can watch TV and listen to your iPod or iPhone while you run at the same time.

It is heavy duty - rated for 350 pounders. It goes 12 miles an hour and up to a 12% incline.

Lulu was complaining that I spend too much time on Craigslist and the Internet. while we were discussing this - an interesting post popped up on the screen.

"This is a heavy duty Healthrider H140t treadmill with a 3.5hp motor, 20" wide belt, and lots of bells and whistles. It also has had the optional chest strap heart rate monitor installed. Other features are a built in 7" LCD TV with remote control, 40 built in iFit programs, iFit card slot if you are interested in other pre-designed workouts like Jillian Michaels etc., a built in sound system so you can listen to your Mp3 player or iPod without headphonoes, and a built in cooling fan.
The weight limit is 350lbs. Everything works perfectly.
I'm interested in selling this outright or trading it for an elliptical of comparable quality.

Within the hour we were at Jeff's front door. The treadmill was remarkable. It had a digital cable TV in it - and ipod and iphone port. It had a ton of running programs in it and a RAM slot where you could buy more. It had giant digital readouts of miles - calories - pulse - time - distance. It even had a wireless heart monitor and a fan for hot days.

We looked on the Internet to find out that it cost $2500 new. It also has a lifetime warranty on the frame and 3.5 horsepower motor. The serial number tag says it was built in Dec 2009.

Jeff looks like a physical fitness expert. I asked him what he did - and he said he designs children's toys. His claim to fame is the marshmellow shooter.

Jeff designed this marshmellow shooter.

This thing is heavy - we hat to break it down into 4 big pieces to lift it and get it out the door. It also folds up for easy storage. We will be keeping it in the barn. Jeff and I loaded it into the truck - it was easy unloading it in the garage door.

Lulu had a treadmill once before and she dramatically ran off several pounds on our porch back in Pennsylvania. She should be able to lose one pound a week. At that rate she will disappear in 3 years. I will post before and after picture.

New it was $2500 - he was asking $500 - we settled on $400.

I guess I will get a pardon for being on the computer too much.

It is in our barn - you can stare out the barn door to the lake.

The TV has a remote - You can also listen to your iPod. It has stereo speakers and even a fan for that wind in the face feel.

It is several big digital readouts - miles - time - distance - pulse - calories.

It has several performance programs built-in - but you can add more thru a RAM port.

See the RAM port here.

This belt monitors your pulse wirelessly.

I need work - I just did a 12 minute mile and my pulse hit 144.

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