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Friday, May 20, 2011

The Last Day of the Vision Tour - NEW HAMPSHIRE

We are home now. Lulu's School Library Vision Tour is over. It ended in New Hampshire yesterday. She visited 35 school libraries in 35 states - but it took much longer than 35 days. It started out way back in September in Alabama zigzagged all the way out to Hawaii then ended with a flourish through the 6 New England States. It was off and on over 9 months.

The original insane idea was to get a motor home and drive to each library. It ended up that most visits included a plane ride - then a rental car circling the area to hit a few states. Some were just a long road trip from Florida.

The libraries were selected by each state's school library association. Some states chose not to participate - thank goodness - thus only 35 states - not 50. Originally Lulu budgeted $35,000 of her own personal money for the tour. Fortunately - through private donations and some funds from the American Library Association - the trip cost us a fraction of what we expected.

You can see the whole tour at

General Stark is the guy that gave New Hampshire its motto. On his death bed - he said - "Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils."

New Hampshire holds the first presidential primary every election cycle. My question is why? Doesn't this give the million or so people in NH too much influence on selecting our leaders?

Lulu loves visiting state libraries. In New Hampshire there is not metal detector - and no one checks your bags. We saw a couple back packs lying on the floor in the lobby - bomb alert anywhere else.

The Old Man in the Mountain turned into a landslide in 2003. This is a picture of a picture from before the disaster.

The New Hampshire Senate has 25 members. 13 are women.

The oldest state capitol where they still occupy the original chambers - 1819.

Here I am posing to be the new "Old Man in the Mountain." Note the golden dome and granite capitol in the background.

Sharon Silva - school librarian - receives the award from Lulu.

Local press interviewed Lulu about the award.

The last school of the tour.

Dr. Virginia Barry - is the New Hampshire Secretary of Education. She came to honor the Vision Tour. To our surprise - she is an alumni of Florida State University.

New Hampshire loves their vanity license plates. Every other car seems to have one.

I wonder if this was the principal's car?

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