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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weather Report From Downtown Tallahassee

Radar at noon after storm passed.

We are having thunderstorms in downtown Tallahassee. I do not see a lot of wind - but it is very dark outside with lots of thunder - not much lightning.

We have a tornado warning in Leon County - but no funnel clouds sighted.

The storm is moving east through the area at 35 MPH.

Satellite television signal has been off and on - it is back on right now. The sky seems to be brightening up.

The storm has torn the roof off the Marianna Airport about 40 miles west of town.

So far - just a lot of rain in our yard - no damage. It should be good for the new sod around the garage.

It is 9:27 AM - Thursday.

At 9:40 - rain stopped - sun coming out.

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