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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Neat Little 1953 MG Replicar For Sale

Note the telltale double VW exhausts.

The body is fiberglass - the paint is a little faded.

The wood dashboard is cool - but the speedometer does not work. No idea how many miles are on it.

The VW engine is under the spare tire.

The doors open backward - they were called suicide doors. It comes with a full top - tonneau cover - side curtains - and wire wheel covers.

Every day I review the Craigslist ads on my computer. This neat 1953 MG Replicar caught my eye. A replicar is a plastic bodied model made to look like a classic car. I called the owner - Connery - and drove out to see it and take it for a drive.

It is a kit car - a fiberglass MG body - sitting on a VW Beetle frame. It has a an air-cooled engine in the rear - a 4 speed transmission - wooden dashboard - a plastic top and tonneau cover. The assembly was done sometime in the 1980s - it is really vague how old the engine and body are. It has a little difficulty starting up - the choke seemed to be struck - but once it warmed up it ran nicely. Due to the light plastic body - it handled well. There is no air conditioning and it has side curtains instead of windows.

I made an offer for the car - but it was not accepted.

Connery has driven it for a year - but needs something more practical for his family and work. You can see the car on Tallahassee Craigslist.

It could use new paint - upholstery - engine rebuild - maybe brakes - and some wiring. It would be a nice package when done - but would be expensive to finish.

The asking price is $6000.

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