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Thursday, March 03, 2011

With 18 Seconds To Go Noles 70 - North Carolina 69

Too bad we had to play the last 18 seconds. Carolina put up a long 3 point shot - and the happiness was over.

12,000 fans were hoping for lightning to strike twice in one season. The Noles beat Duke in front of one of the two big crowds this season. Last night there were 14 ties and 11 lead changes. The Noles dropped behind as many as 7 points will 4 minutes to go.

Chris Singleton still had a broken toe and could not play - but the patented Seminole defense kept this game within reach. It was Senior Night - and the Noles will only lose one regular player in point guard Derwin Kitchen. Singleton will also go in the NBA draft - so the Noles return a very good team for next year.

Lulu emailed me from work yesterday. At a faculty meeting - Paul Marti gave us his fantastic lower level corner tickets. When we visited the Dean Dome last month - the face value of game tickets was $55. Here in Tallahassee - the Noles only get $18. What is even nicer is having friends that give you tickets and refuse payment.

This was the last home game for boys or girls here in Tallahassee this season. Lulu likes basketball games better than football games. Your have nice comfy seats - your sit in air conditioning - and the whole thing is over in 2 hours. Also we get home quicker on our scooter.

We expect both teams to make the NCAA playoffs. But as the format expands - who doesn't.

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