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Monday, March 07, 2011

The Morgan Girls Do Florida

Spring Break 2010. Lulu - Betty - Dolores - Georgeann - are enjoying a beautiful sunny Florida Day together.

Now the rest of the story. Back in January I got 3 plane tickets for the family. Betty - Lulu's Mom - is making her first visit to our house since we moved to Florida. Dolores - Lulu's favorite Aunt - never flew before - so it is a special 80th birthday for her. Finally - Georgeann - Nancy's devilish cousin was here a few years ago and vowed to return.

At the airport I was waiting on the sofa outside security. Since the girls were in row 11 - I was counting passengers as they came around the corner. All of a sudden a bunch of noise came out of the tunnel arm and arm with a couple old guys. After a group picture or two - and getting two out of three pieces of luggage - we got in the Prius and headed home.

Lulu is on spring break. She was still lounging in her pajamas as I left for the airport at 11 AM. When we got home - Lulu was still in wet hair.

When we got to our house - I drove the car into the garage. Georgiann walked into the house a few minutes later - and asked to go to the bathroom. Lulu near messed her pants. Then a few moment later - the door bell rang and it was Betty. Finally - Delores - the lady that never flew in 80 years and now wants to be an airline stewardess - came in. That brought the house down.

They left a snow and ice storm in Pennsylvania - went over the Blue Mountain in ice with Jimmy Knowles. He got them to the airport on time. Now they are all mine from Monday to Monday. Looking forward to an interesting week.

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