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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Quiet Night in Our Marriott at Knoxville

We are as far north as we go on this trip. We are in a pretty hotel that reminds me of the Contemporary Hotel in Disneyworld. It overlooks the Tennessee River.

I toured around downtown a bit as the sun was setting.

The campus of UT is about one mile west of us. Someone unlocked a door so I could go in Neyland Stadium. It is very big and quite vertical. It holds 110,000 people and it is a completely closed bowl.

Lulu says her school visit here will be all day tomorrow. After the visit the local media will interview her for broadcast.

They expect an inch of snow tomorrow - but I hope to get out of here before it gets messy.

We drive to Atlanta tomorrow for a school - then home after that visit Thursday.

We spent a few hours at the Biltmore today. I will do a full story on it tomorrow. We had the place to ourselves - it was kind of spooky. It is normally $60 a person but Lulu scored two tickets on craigslist for $20 each. The lady saved them for her for 5 days - very nice of her.

The garden and hot houses were really neat. I bet that the place is fantastic in full bloom. The views were breathtaking - even though we fought a brisk wind and 30 degrees.

I think Lulu has knocked off 21 visits so far. Not one was cancelled for weather or travel yet. They all were on time.

Our next tour is in two weeks. Our Prius will be hitting Texas and Mississippi with a two night stop in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Lulu got the Omni Hotel a block from Bourbon Street.

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