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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Greetings From Dreary North Carolina

Lulu and I are on the road again. Lulu is visiting school libraries in North Carolina - Tennessee - Georgia. Today - we will see Duke play in Durham if we can get tickets. Tomorrow - FSU Seminoles plays the Tar Heels - our team at staying at our Sheraton in Chapel Hill. We drove to Augusta yesterday and stayed with our friends - Jack and Charlotte - there. Then today we drove to Chapel Hill - a total of 600 miles from home. The Prius performed well - got 47 mpg today. Go Devils & Noles!

We are going to meet the Noveys for supper today. They are our old friends from Tamaqua. They moved to North Carolina - Dan is a superintendent of schools here.

Now we have to go out and find tickets for the game today and the game tomorrow. Wish us luck and watch on TV.

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