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Monday, February 28, 2011

Garage Raising Day

There is a bit of fog - all is quiet except for the birds chirping. I hear a chain saw in the distance. Just another beautiful quiet Monday morning on Seminole Drive.

It is 8:30 - and the builders have not arrived yet. The girls's cars are gone for the day.

Hopefully - they get here soon and are able to complete the erection in one day. If they do not - would this be what those commercials talk about when they say "erectile dysfunction?"

The picture above is a garage of similar size and construction. Ours will be 24 x 26 - with two 10 x 10 garage doors just like this one. The main difference will be colors. Ours will be maroon with tan roof and trim. The garage doors are big enough for a camper.

This garage will be 100% steel - frame - sides - roof - doors.

Cost - you put 10% down on placing the order and pay the balance on completion.

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