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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Free iPads at La Guardia Airport - Free Use

Free iPads at LaGuardia Airport

Order Food from iPad and It Magically Appears

On Sunday I flew out of La Guardia Airport in NYC. When in an airport - some of the best features are getting free internet and a place to plug in your phone and laptop. La Guardia takes it one step further. Right in the waiting area at the gate where you get on the airplane - they have placed these little booths that act very much like an internet cafe.

At each booth there is an iPad mounted for your use. On the first screen - there is a food and drink menu. You order stuff to eat from a menu that is clearly marked with prices. Then someone wisks the food to you - it reminds me a bit of the old drive-in shops where girls used to deliver your food on roller shakes - minus the skates.

The best part is that the iPad can be used to surf the net! I was there about one half hour and I surfed away - with no charge. I did try to access some pages for web mail - that did not work - but I was able to access newspapers and other news sites.

There are also outlets to charge your phone and laptop - conventional plug outlets and USB plug outlets. At this airport you no longer have to search for that one outlet to charge your computer - the one everybody is crowded around.

When I got to Atlanta there was another surprise. On Thursday when we were there - there were no place to charge your laptop. But then on Sunday - on my return trip - there were these neat little charging stations. They are not iPads - but they are a big improvement. I wonder if you could plug in your new Chevy Volt there :-)

New Charging Stations in Atlanta Airport

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