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Sunday, January 30, 2011

On Train To The Garden

Lulu is on the plane heading home from Providence. Drew and I are on the train to NYC - meeting up with Liz and Keith. The train arrived on time at the downtown Providence Station. We pulled out at 7:20 and arrive at Penn Station at 10:50 under Madison Square Garden.

We do not have tickets for the 1pm game between Duke and St Johns. Keith - Drew - and I all took courses at SJU in the 90s when Lulu was a professor there - but today we will all be Dukies because Liz and Drew graduated there.

The trip was a birthday gift from Robin to Drew yesterday for his birthday. It was quite a surprise. Robin is a real trooper - home alone with two and two - one two weeks old and one two years old.

After the game - Drew - Keith - Liz will take the late train home. Lulu got me a last minute flight out of LaGuardia for 25000 Frequent flyer miles. I'll be home around midnight - as a bonus Delta bumped me to first class.

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