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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FSU Women end Miami's 17 Game Winning Streak - 66-59

Chasidy Clayton and Cierra Brevard - All Ball

Last night Lulu had to teacher a class from 6 to 8. So unfortunately she had to miss one of the best basketball games of the year - live.

FSU girls (16-4) beat guest rivals Miami (18-2) at the Civic Center. No matter what sport - whenever the Hurricanes come to town - things heat up.

The Noles used a stifling defense to hold the two top scorers in the ACC below their season average. 59 points was the lowest Miami scored all season. FSU had a balanced scoring attack that had 5 players scoring 9 or better. But it was the defense that sealed the Hurricanes fate by cutting their shooting percentage to 30% from the floor.

Courtney Ward leads team in cheer

One of the best bargains in college sports is the 55 and older season pass. For $30 - you get 15 tickets to see the women play. Since you are allowed to sit in any seat - we were able to sit along the rail beside the court. Just like a prize fight - you are close enough to see the sweat fly.

College women athletes are special. They are students first - and play for the love of the game. They realize they aren't going to make a fortune as a pro - so many of them are outstanding performers in the classroom too.

Last night - I attended with three neighborhood friends - Manny Shargel - Wayne Wiegand - and Shirley Wiegand. We enjoyed being "rail rats" at the gym.

The last few seconds

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