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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Why Is This Guy Smiling?

No - this is not George Bush looking down on New Orleans from Air Force One

2008 Toyota Prius Touring

I am cruising in a jet over North Carolina at 30,000 feet. We are on our way to 9 days up north - landing in Philadelphia - and returning via Richmond - after touring libraries with Lulu in NJ - PA - DE - DC - VA. The plane has free internet - so I was bound to get in trouble.

I bought this car cutting the deal from my Macbook Air on this Boeing 757. We had been working the deal for a few days. I met the sellers on Craigslist where they were selling their car and I was selling ours. The last couple days we met - did test drives - and enjoyed exchanging life stories.

It is a 2008 Prius Touring model. It has 23000 miles on it. Our Honda van is a 2004 with 100000 miles on it. We will pay some extra cash. The sellers are having their second baby soon and need a van. Lulu and I just are downsizing to something smaller.

One of the benefits of trading cars rather than selling one and buying another - is the sales tax. You only have to pay sales tax on the price difference. In our case that is about $600. Same way for the Prius seller. So it is a win/win deal.

The Prius has heated leather seats - a big GPS - bluetooth phone system - a premium stereo - better wheels tires and suspension. Of course we would like a sunroof - but Lulu is gaga that it is FSU "garnet" color. She even pretends the tan leather is "gold."

Who knows? Maybe our first long trip in it will be to Miami to see the Noles play in the Orange Bowl on Jan 3rd.